Kling Pakoda Express

We are an emerging company with core focus to bring mouth-watering high quality Indian snacks to billions of mouths.

Spacenet Enterprises India Limited, is an NSE listed company.



Our mission is to bring low cost Indian Snack Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) to serve high quality hot Indian finger licking foods to consumers.


  • Scan the generated QR code on the "Bill" from "Kling Eats" App!
  • Enter two-digit key numbers between (00-99) to unlock digital scratch card
  • After unlocking if the two-digit number entered matches the scratch card number
  • Win instant cash credited in your wallet.

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“Don’t Just Eat, Own It!”

  • “Take a chance to be part of fastest growing Indian QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) market.”
  • “We are just getting started PAN India roll out Pakoda QSR.”
  • “Market opportunity is huge.”
  • “Competition is none for Indian Snacks.”
  • “The unique combination of hot finger licking snacks with Eat & Win Cash back bonuses is the key core differentiator”.
  • “Single Man Operated Kiosks”
  • “No Need of Chefs”
  • “Multiple Flavors of Veg / Non-veg Pakodas”
  • “Low Cost Pricing”
  • “High Revenue Sharing”
  • “High Return on Capital”

  • Email: franchise@pakodaexpress.com

Wanna Setup a Franchisee of PAKODA EXPRESS

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Join the “Kling Pakoda Express” family and be a part of fastest growing finger licking QSR. Become a master Distributor and Equity Shareholder in Spacenet Enterprises India Ltd., an NSE listed company (SPCENET).


Know more about franchise

The Kling Pakoda Express™ is a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) brand bringing finger-licking trendy Indian snacks customised to the taste buds of Indian mouths.

About the Franchise
Pakoda Express is currently rolling out franchises across PAN India. The whole supply chain of frozen raw materials, cooking oil, consumables and centralized billing software will be supplied by Pakoda Express- the parent company. Spacenet Enterprises India Limited an NSE listed company in partnership with Igloo Frozen Foods Pvt Ltd.

Different from Street Pakoda
The Pakodas’ are cooked with the highest standards and hygiene of FSSAI, ISO 22000 and delivered in a frozen state. The backend process of Cooking, Freezing and Distribution helps us to introduce new Varieties, New Flavours, and Dynamic Menu customization to the taste buds. Kling Pakoda Express™ is taking care of Hygiene, Consistency in Taste and importantly connected to online delivery apps.

Franchise Model
What a franchise will get:

  • The company will supply customized state of the art store front Kiosk including freezers, fryers, packing material, raw material, centralized billing software, and also the company will create branding awareness through social media
  • The franchise cost is around 2.5 lakhs which includes store from KIOSK, raw material and consumables initially
  • The franchisee has to pay the cost of rent, human resource cost and maintenance cost
  • End to end supply chain will be maintained by the Kling Pakoda Express™

Revenue Sharing Model
As a Revenue Sharing Model, the franchisee gets the revenue share of 40% on the gross sale.

Revenue Settlement
The gross revenues will be credited into Spacenet Enterprises India Limited bank account, there will be standard bank instructions to remit revenue share to the franchisee’s bank account.

Supply Chain Indents
Master franchise or Kling Pakoda Express™ will make sure to top up the supplies once 50% of the inventory sold.

The Kling Pakoda Express™ takes care of all damages up to the franchise point. The franchisee has to take care of freezer, electricity and keeping the raw material at -18o C. If the franchisee fails to provide electricity or cold storage facilities, the liability of product damage has to be borne by the franchisee.

Oil Usage

  • The franchisee has to follow the company’s instructions in regards to Oil usage and cooking
  • 1 kg oil for every 2 kg of Pakoda

Serving Size

  • 100g – 7 -10 pieces
  • 500g & 1kg – if the franchise opts for it (optional)

Veg Menu

  • Cut Mirchi Pakoda
  • Cheese Corn Pakoda
  • Onion Bhaji Pakoda
  • Spinach Pakoda
  • Plantain or Banana Pakoda

Non-Veg Menu

  • Spicy Chicken Pakoda
  • Chicken Chettinad Pakoda
  • Fish Pakoda
  • Mutton Pakoda
  • Egg Pakoda

The Franchise Model
Every franchise will be at 2km apart B and C Centers. In A Centers every franchise will be at 1km apart.

Beverages (Water)
Wellness drinks will be launched very soon. But currently, Kling Pakoda Express™ will be supplying bottled mineral water. The menu will change dynamically according to the requirements and customisable, new menu items will be offered once in every month.


  • Download the “Kling Eats” Mobile App from Play Store
  • Buy the Pakodas
  • Eat
  • Scan the generated QR code on the "Bill" from "Kling Eats" App!
  • Enter two-digit key numbers between (00-99) to unlock digital scratch card
  • After unlocking if the single-digit number entered by your customer matches with the scratch card, your customer will get up to 4 times and if the two-digit number entered by your matches, your customer will get up to 60 times of the bill amount as per promotional cashback

Can my customer use the amount of CASHback

  • Yes, whatever the amount has been won by your customer, it will be credited instantly to the your customer’s wallet
  • Up to 1000 rupees your customer can transfer to your customer’s back account instantly form Kling wallet using Pay U/ Bhim API
  • Anything above 1000 rupees the bank account of your customer will be verified and credited within 48 to 72 hrs.


  • No refund will be given to franchise if franchisee terminates the contract. Spacenet Enterprises India Limited will regularly audit and review the performance of franchisee
  • If the franchisee doesn’t meet standards set by the Spacenet Enterprises India Limited, the Spacenet Enterprises India Limited has the right to terminate the contract

Refer a Friend
Your customer can refer 5 friends and win Rs.50 scratch card

Transaction Charges for Kling Wallet
The pricing for pay-outs is mentioned in the table below:

Mode of Payment

Transaction Size

PayOut Charges


Less than Rs. 25,000

Rs. 7 / txn

Above Rs. 25000

Rs. 10 / txn


Any amount

Rs. 5 / txn


Rs. 1 to 1000

Rs. 6 / txn

Rs. 1001 to 25000

Rs. 10 / txn

Rs. 25001 and above

Rs. 20 / txn